Psychology Schools in Wisconsin

Study people and learn about how they think, feel, react, and interact at a psychology school in Wisconsin. Graduates of psychology programs qualify for a variety of interesting careers. Not only do psychologists study human behavior, they also use their understanding to help people cope with difficulties and bring about change.

Students at psychology colleges in Wisconsin have the option to pursue a certificate or degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level. Courses that students at may take include research methods, logic of perception, hormones and behavior, learning and motivation, and cognitive psychology. Psychologists can specialize in a host of different fields, including cognitive psychology, community psychology, counseling psychology, and developmental psychology.

Cities in Wisconsin where psychology jobs are available include Madison, Watertown, Milwaukee, Beaver Dam, and Eau Claire. Although a graduate degree in psychology is required to become a psychologist or counselor, an undergraduate degree in psychology provides you with the broad-based skills and training needed for jobs in fields like long-term care, mental health services, social sciences, human resources, and marketing and advertising. If you would like to advance your education and build a rewarding psychology career, explore the WI psychology schools featured below.

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