Psychology Schools in Louisiana

Expand your career prospects by pursuing a degree from one of the psychology schools in Louisiana. The Bayou State is home to numerous colleges that offer a top-notch education in psychology. Specialties in the field include clinical psychology, sports psychology, social psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and forensic psychology, among others.

Psychology colleges in Louisiana offer certificates, as well as degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. Courses that students may be required to complete include lifespan development, abnormal psychology, personality psychology, biopsychology, child development, and cognitive psychology. A doctoral degree is necessary for becoming a licensed psychologist, but some entry-level positions in the psychology field may only require a master’s degree.

Graduates of psychology programs can pursue a variety of career options. Some psychologists work independently with patients or conducting research, while others collaborate in a team with doctors and social workers. Cities in Louisiana where psychology graduates may have access to job opportunities include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Lafayette. To learn more about psychology degrees and to determine whether it is the right path for you, explore the list of LA psychology schools listed below.

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