Psychology Careers
List of 10 Most Famous Psychologists

Top 10 List of the Most Famous Psychologists

Psychology is a discipline that involves studying the human mind and behavior. Dating back to ancient times in a philosophical context, it was not until the late 1800s that psychological discovery was introduced in a laboratory setting. Below are 10 of the most famous psychologists in history who have made an indelible mark on psychology […]

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Unethical Famous Psychology Experiments

7 Famous Psychology Experiments That Would Be Unethical Today

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. It was considered a branch of philosophy until the 1870s, when it became a scientific discipline in Germany and the United States. Many famous psychology experiments have helped change the way we think about the human mind and behavior. However, psychologists in the past often went […]

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Difference Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists

What are the Differences Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists?

The roles of psychologists and psychiatrists are often confused with each other, and many people use these terms interchangeably. While both professionals study the brain, emotions, feelings, and thoughts, psychiatry focuses on the medical treatment of the mind, and psychology is concerned with the overall scientific study of the mind. Learn about the different education […]

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How to Choose a Therapist

How to Choose a Therapist: Taking the Steps Towards Emotional Health

At some point in our lives, many of us feel overwhelmed and want to talk through our problems with a therapist. Successful therapy has the power to transform your life and better help you understand not only yourself, but also those you are close to. However, finding a therapist who is a good fit may […]

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Undergraduate degree psychology career options

Undergraduate Psychology Degree: Psychology Career Options

The instinctive answer to the question of what to do with a psychology degree is, “Be a psychologist!” But in order to become a professional psychologist, you need a master’s or even a doctoral degree. So, if you only have a bachelor’s degree, what are your options in psychology? What are the psychology career professions? […]

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