Psychology Schools in Pennsylvania

A psychology degree helps you better understand others, as well as gain personal insight. At psychology colleges in Pennsylvania, you can earn a certificate or associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. Subjects that the curriculum may cover include statistics, neuroscience, research methods, developmental psychology, cognition, perception, and social psychology.

Graduates of PA psychology schools have a broad-based education that is relevant to many occupations. Although a graduate degree is required for most jobs in the psychology field, undergraduate psychology programs could qualify you to work in human resources, social services, advertising, and a range of other fields. Having a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology is essential if you want to become a marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor, clinical psychologist, social psychologist or forensic psychologist.

Pennsylvania is a large state that offers many job opportunities for psychology graduates. Cities where you could find work include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Reading, and Allentown. Begin exploring the psychology schools in Pennsylvania featured below to take your education and career to the next level.

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