Online Psychology Programs

Study the intricacies of the human experience and gain the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in a variety of jobs by entering an online psychology program. Online psychology schools offer flexibility, enabling students to balance their coursework with full-time employment, child-rearing, and other responsibilities. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is typically seen as a stepping-stone to a graduate degree in the field, but it also provides you with skills valued by employers. However, earning a doctoral degree and undergoing supervised training is required if you want to become a licensed psychologist.

Areas of psychology that you can focus on in your studies include developmental psychology, industrial organizational psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, and social psychology. Some courses that psychology students might be required to take are basic statistics for psychology, learning and memory, introduction to applied psychology, child growth and development, and abnormal psychology.

Graduates of psychology schools online qualify for a number of different careers. Potential jobs for psychology graduates include human services assistant, substance abuse counselor, marriage and family therapist, industrial organizational psychologist, and mental health counselor. If you would like to enhance your employability with a psychology degree, learn more about psychology programs online today!

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