Psychology Schools in New Hampshire

The former English colony of New Hampshire is well known for its rugged natural beauty. There are also many psychology schools in New Hampshire where students can gain an understanding of human behavior that prepares them for careers in a variety of public and private settings.

At psychology colleges in New Hampshire, students can earn a certificate or degree at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level. Courses might include discussion of research statistics, introduction to social psychology, sensation and perception, behavioral neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. Students pursuing a graduate degree in psychology can pick an area of specialization, such as clinical psychology, developmental psychology or educational psychology.

Psychology programs open doors to a wide range of careers. Undergraduate degrees in psychology provide a strong foundation for graduate study and prepare students for jobs in fields like business administration, human resources, law, sales, research, and education. A master’s degree in psychology could lead to work in rehabilitation, counseling or social work, while a doctoral degree is typically required if you want to work as a researcher, professor or open up your own private practice as a licensed psychologist. Take the next step in your career by researching NH psychology schools on our site now.

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