Psychology Schools in Nevada

Casinos and dry desert landscapes are typically what come to mind when you think of Nevada, but the Silver State also happens to be an excellent place to study psychology. Graduates of NV psychology schools work in many different fields with a wide range of individuals and organizations. Specialty areas that psychology students can focus on include forensic psychology, sports psychology, clinical psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology.

Psychology colleges in Nevada offer courses in social psychology, abnormal psychology, lifespan developmental psychology, and learning theory. Psychology programs at the bachelor’s level either prepare students to enter the workforce or equip them for graduate study. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can work in human resources, social work, market research, human services, and a variety of other fields.

A master’s degree in psychology may qualify you to work as a behavioral counselor, marriage and family therapist, human resources manager or child protection worker. A doctoral degree is required if you want to open up your own private practice, as well as for most positions in research or teaching at the university level. If you would like to build a fulfilling career, explore psychology colleges in Nevada today.

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