Psychology Schools in Kansas

There’s more to the Sunflower State than agriculture and the Wizard of Oz. Since 1930, the Kansas Psychological Association has served both psychologists and the public. Psychology is a broad discipline that spans many subjects, from sociology to biology. Psychology schools in Kansas aim to further the understanding of human behavior, thinking, and emotion. If you would like to understand why people do the things they do, consider enrolling at a psychology college in Kansas.

Psychology programs award certificates as well as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Students learn about the intersection between brain function and behavior, as well as the intersection between environment and behavior. Courses that psychology students might take include statistics, social psychology, developmental psychology, and human psychophysiology.

Jobs for graduate degree holders are more plentiful than jobs for those with only an undergraduate degree in the field. That being said, many employers value the skills that undergraduate psychology degree holders bring to the table. Potential job opportunities for psychology degree holders include community psychologist, clinical psychologist, school psychologist, probation officer, social services assistant, and employment counselor. Start exploring KS psychology schools today or browse the site to find online schools or campus-based schools in your area.

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